onsdag 23. oktober 2013

Fotografías de Ultima Frontera 2013

Karsten Bonke (Denmark) and Sergio Vazquez Carpio (Spain) before start. Mykola Stukalo (Ukraina - sorry if I'm wrong on the names) filling up with local water before running 2 rounds in Fivefingers ... I passed him during my one round -he passed me twice

What you miss if you don't run

Caballo Blanco spotted! Just before CP2
Someone resting in a beautiful place and done with the 7,5K incline after CP2. A much faster runner (Nathan Farrugia) passing me on the way down to Montefrio. La bonita ciudad Montefrio in the distance and me passing a marathon in about 5,5 hours. Se Nathans nice videos from the race here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI0vMIjrZew)

Before and after Montefrio and CP3 there is a place where you cross your own track. Keep you eyes open for the correct track markings!

The upbound trend in pace is because the trashing of the quads. The jumps I can explain: 19-20K-CP1 (ordering coffee and some bakeries from the bar), 35K-CP2 (supply of water),48K-CP3 at Montfrio ("main CP"), 64-CP4 (same as CP2), 71K-CP5

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